Protecting Your Home From Escaping Air

When winter arrives and spring has sprung the thought of our electric bills and how we are going to cool our homes comes into play.  On a nice day we will want to have our windows open, doors cracked and allow the outside cool our inside.  However, when the warmer days hit and we are running our ac, focusing our attention towards window installation service winchester va is a top priority.

When we look at our windows, they are the primary source for heat and cool loss.  Around our windows we want to make sure that they have a tight seal as well as don’t have any gaps or rotting areas.  When we open our windows, we want to have a tight seal along the edges, if not, then there may be issues with air escaping.

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Monitor your thermostat

It is important that you monitor your thermostat.  When you let your air conditioner run constantly then you are using more power and resources than you need to.  If you keep your thermostat at a constant temperature, then you can maintain your environment.  However, if you find that you are running your services more often than normal, it can be an indicator that your air is escaping.

Do inspections

It is your responsibility to do inspections on your home.  After a storm or when the seasons change you want to do a standard walkthrough to see if you see any damage or situations that may need your attention.  These can be cracks or chips, bent frames or holes.  When looking at your windows check to see if you have water damage or anything that can be parented back to a leak.

When it comes to having windows installed, changed our or otherwise maintained, it is important that you don’t wait till the last minute.  Take care of issues as they arise.  They will be less of an issue later.