Benefits of Flexible Partial Dentures

Flexible partial dentures, also called nylon dentures, are used by many people for many reasons. The prosthetic is made from thermoplastic nylon resin that has been used in dentistry since 1954. Flexible partial dentures are thin, light, and very flexible, but they won’t break. Most people find the denture more comfortable than other denture options. What are the benefits of using flexible partial dentures sugar land?

Nearly Unbreakable

The nylon base of the partial denture is flexible so it is almost impossible to break this prosthetic. That is comforting to most users. It absorbs accident drops/falls to the ground and has a considerably longer lifetime than traditional prosthetics.

Lightweight and Thin

Partial flexible dentures range in thickness from 0.6mm to 1.8 mm. This is five times lighter than the standard denture. Using the flexible partial denture is easy b because you’ll forget that it is even in your mouth.

Stain and Odor Resistant

Pigmentation due to soda, coffee, smoking, age, etc. can discolor the teeth and cause you discomfort. Flexible partial dentures are resistant to odors and staining from these causes. Clean the partial denture each day and leave worries behind.

Comfortable to Wear

flexible partial dentures sugar land

Since this denture is so flexible, it moves freely in the mouth. This relieves gum irritation and reduces oral health risks. And, you don’t need any metal clasps around the natural teeth like other partials require. This makes them nearly invisible to the eye!

Love Your Smile

Partial dentures help you love your smile again after tooth loss. They improve your appearance and make chewing and talking easier. You also prevent tooth shifting and reduce the risk of periodontal disease. You’ll love the person smiling back at you in the mirror once partial dentures are in place.